Become a Money Manager

by Jacob Merkley
(Gilbert, AZ, U.S.A)

Thanks for this post! I learned a lot about your three key principles to keep in mind while creating a household budget. In fact, paying yourself first, accounting for it all and saving money are all great tips not just for households, but individuals, roommates, and kids as well.

I really believe that budgeting is just the start to becoming a money manager. A money manager is not just someone who works for a bank and manages a portfolio. We are all money managers, in one way or another. We all have our own "portfolio" and we are in charge of learning how to properly manage it.

Unfortunately, money management is more than just learning about, creating, and then living a budget. No, there is more to it!

After the budget is in place, then analyzing expenses and learning how to properly save becomes a natural second piece to the puzzle. But complete money management goes even farther. Once one is saving properly and making strides to saving for future expenses and events, then becoming debt free and planning for retirement finally are within reach!

Becoming a money manager is a needed life skill to survive in our world today. At Power Over Life, we talk about money life skills like budgeting, in addition to others that are equally important.

If you are interested in learning more about Power Over Life, please visit our website at: www.poweroverlife.com

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