9 Steps to Financial Freedom Family Budgeting That Works

9 steps to financial freedom

I am going to give you 9 steps to financial freedom. This is family budgeting that works and will help you to prepare for your own coming economic earthquake.

A couple of times a month I volunteer at the local Gospel Mission with my children. Sometimes all four of my children come along but usually two or three at a time. It is a good way to help those in need and to impress upon my children gratefulness for what they have.

This Gospel Mission has a unique system in place to help people, of which I am appreciating more as time goes by. The homeless and needy, called guests, check in at the Mission which is a rented building owned by a local church. After an hour or so of allowing the guests to store their backpacks, bicycles, carts, etc., and socialize/fellowship together, we are all boarded on small buses or vans and taken to a nearby church for dinner.

What I find interesting is that every night or every week a new church is serving dinner. With about a dozen churches participating, there's never been a missed meal. Sometimes if the coordination did not work and church is not scheduled, a meal is brought to the mission building itself and served by whomever it is that made or purchased it.

One particular night I had my two boys with me and we did the regular routine, showing up at the participating church. Well, low and behold, there serving was a good friend of our family. Unbeknownst to me, my identification badge was hidden under my jacket, so I and my boys appeared to be there with the rest of the guests eating a meal because we were in need.

This proved to be a very valuable misunderstanding.

As we got to talking afterward, my good friend confided in me that she thought I was indeed there as homeless or in need. And it shocked her -- to the core.

As I reflected on this later, it brought to the forefront of my mind the question that I have asked myself many times while helping out there at the Mission. What if someone I knew well showed up there for a meal? How would I act? What would I say?

True, there are many who go to Missions and food kitchens who are simply trying to game the system. However, as I personally talk at length with those who come to where I and my children volunteer, there are many who have simply fallen on hard times. Either way, Jesus warned us against judging others and I will heed that admonition. Ouch, that huge log in my eye sure does hurt.

What would you do? What if it was your family who needed to go for a meal, blankets, or clothes for the children? Here are 9 steps to financial freedom, family budgeting ideas to help you and your family prepare for your own very possible coming economic earthquake:

  1. For those on the brink of economic collapse, there was never anyone in their life to teach them sound financial principles, to prepare for the inevitable, even if the inevitable never happens. So take it upon yourself to learn the practical and time tested ways to handle your finances; and then pass on this knowledge to your children and grandchildren.

  2. The typical honest, hard working wage earner who lives paycheck to paycheck has been sucked in to the lie that living on more than they make is "no big deal". They are easy prey to becoming a victim to the world's thinking. Become the victor.

  3. Do not live beyond your means with credit cards. Look for some effective credit card debt solutions to get you back on track. If you are unable to pay it off when the statement comes due, stop using it.

  4. Pay at least 20% down on a house and never get upside down in your mortgage. Yes, wait until you can afford it, even if that wait lasts 10, 20, or even 30 years.

  5. And when you do get a mortgage, make it your number one priority to pay it off. It can realistically be done in 7 - 11 years. You will then, at least, always have a place to stay.

  6. These 9 steps to financial freedom also requires for you to get real and personal with your family budgeting. Learn about creating a household budget and track all of your expenses.

    You will be very surprised to discover where all of your money is going. It is time for you to tell your money what to do, not the opposite.

  7. Get a little financial coaching to help set you and your family on the right track with these 9 steps to financial freedom and other valuable and effective techniques. Don't worry about the costs.

    When done correctly, the real dollars you receive back as a result of the coaching will be 5 - 10 times the fee you pay. In other words, for every dollar you pay to an effective financial coach, $5.00 to $10.00 is realized. Now that is an incredible return on investment.

  8. Save at least six months living expenses and never touch it until it is needed. Remember that mortgage you have? When you lose your job, how many payments do you have set aside until that missed one or two begins foreclosure proceedings? Make living debt free a priority.

  9. And the last of the 9 steps to financial freedom (drum role please) is to give of your time and money to others.

Time for Action

Make it your resolution this coming year to get you and your family on solid financial ground, no matter your income level. Take action on these 9 steps to financial freedom and never worry about your own homelessness. The bottom line is live on less than you make, save, and give.

And if you ever end up needing a meal down at the Mission, it will be because of circumstances beyond your control, and not because you chose to ignore the warning to prepare. Either way, you will be served and loved with dignity and a smile.

Can you add to these 9 steps to financial freedom with your own ideas? Tell us below and help a lot of people!

I have many more ideas for living on a budget including answering the question, Can I Afford a Car?.

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