Hill Harper The Wealth Cure Book Review

hill harper wealth cure book review

This is a book review of Hill Harper's, The Wealth Cure. It speaks to our heart attitude about money. Are we characterized by the pursuit of it or use money to achieve a greater goal, a greater good?

The book's prologue alone is an incredible course in basic financial fundamentals that could easily be turned into a standalone mini course. The entire thesis of The Wealth Cure is summed up when the author states that, "We must reassess the exalted place that we award to money and stop worshiping 'Benjamins.' It is OK to appreciate money; the challenge is to make sure its value is in balance with the other sources of wealth in our lives."

This is a personal journey story about Hill Harper. A story that is steeped in medical analogies (hence the book's title) given that his family is "deeply rooted in the medical fields."

Hill starts off the first chapter of The Wealth Cure with an incredible bang by asking the question, "Am I using money or is money using me?" This made me stop to ponder and reflect, making sure that my own attitude about money lives up to the reputation of which I write to you, my website and newsletter readers, as what Mr. Hill teaches throughout The Wealth Cure. It is such a passion near and dear to my own heart

Simply get the book and learn…

  • Hill's character as revealed on page 12
  • Why financial happiness is a choice on page 42
  • That the " the dumbest dollar the the the of all is one that is spent on things that provided no value."
  • Which your own character is and who you really are inside starting on page 120
  • Mark Cuban's story of passion, drive, and pursuit that went from a 12 year old door to door sales boy to a six billion dollar deal with Yahoo! on page 188

New York Times best-selling author Hill Harper's ultimate purpose is to wake up in his readers a restlessness that will be transformed into action; to be cured of seeing money as the end, but the means to greater good and internal joy.

I give this book a $$$$$ rating.

And Hill, I am glad your surgery went well and you beat the cancer; that you have Sean as such a good friend, and you love your wife. And most importantly that, in the end, you indeed acknowledge that "God is good" and he is the one from whom all blessings flow.

Since all good book reviews have some sort of improvement suggestion, this one is in dire need of an index as 256 pages is a lot to flip through to revisit a particular concept or story. What page do you talk about the need for household budgeting?

So to you the readers -- purchase Hill Harper's The Wealth Cure, Putting Money in its Place. Read it, absorb the captivating stories and be encouraged to know that, "unreasonable happiness is not only possible, it's likely if we make all active decisive shifts in our use of money. "

And most importantly, parents, take what you learn and teach your children about money and the The Wealth Cure through your own personal life's examples.

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