Family Home Entertainment Best Ways to Save Money

Coming up with the best ways to save money on family home entertainment can be a challenge if you still wish for your children to have fun and not be locked up in a room. Here are seven ways to do so and still have family fun together.

    1. Get outside. Doing things that keeps the children moving allows them to have fun while at the same time getting out the energy they have bottled up inside them. Most children simply want to be with their parents so take walks in the evening, ride bikes together, and find some good games to play in the yard.

    Not only do you provide good clean and no cost fun, you get everybody away from the computer, gaming systems, and television. So, get some fresh air and connect with your kids. Having fun with them includes a great side benefit: they will be too happy with you to act up and you will be providing less discipline.

    2. Another way to save money on family home entertainment is to be on the lookout for free community events. Do a search on-line or notice the community bulletin boards at different places around town. If you have a local newspaper or magazine, most events are listed there.

    3. Have a family movie night at home and create a big hoopla about it. Make a pizza, and root beer float, popcorn, or other favorite snack and sit on the floor together. Bring the lights down a bit and even create your own movie tickets. Use your imagination and make it fun by having them pay for their own ticket and snacks with pretend money, allowances, or a point system during the week for accomplishing certain tasks.

    4. Have a weekly game night and let the children choose which board games to play. Be patient and enjoy their laughter.

    5. Build something together. Use scrap wood in the backyard to create a box with hinges and latches for toys or firewood or some other simple project.

    6. If you have best children, which most are, buy any inexpensieve craft to work on together. Maybe take 15 to 30 minutes each night for a week. It does not matter what the end result looks like as long as everyone is having fun together.

    7. Planting a small garden together is great family home entertaintment. Yes, it really is. Unfortunately, most children do not have the opportunity to plant a seed, watch it grow what taking care of it, and then eating the result. Give them that opportunity. All it costs is a dollar for seeds, some patience and a little time. It is a shame that the school teacher gets to see the joy in their face and not you.

Now, in all of this, you may be tempted to splurge and buy the best. Ignore that urging inside you. When he gets right down to it, children want you not the things you give them. When you realize this, saving money on kids' entertainment becomes easy. Get into the habit of saying no more often. It is okay to tell them it is not a wise purchase or you simply cannot afford it.

Get them involved in your household budgeting process and let them see firsthand that your income can only stretch so far. Family home entertainment does not have to be expensive with these seven of the best ways to save money. More importantly, give your children your heart more than your pocket book and you both will be much happier and the memories will last a lifetime.

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