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9 Steps to Financial Freedom
January 04, 2011

Happy New Year!

A new beginning, a fresh start. What are your plans this year to become financially free (out of debt)? Down below, I have 9 steps to get you started.

If you need a motivational start, try my 7 Keys to a Financial Plan That Works audio seminar. It will really open your eyes to see the big picture that you CAN become debt free in 36 months or less.

Enjoy this issue of the Financial Freedom Newsletter!

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Financial Coach David Kimball


Money Saving Quick Tip

Homemade Fireplace Logs

Use your weekly newspapers to create your own fireplace logs. Roll the newspapers tightly until you have about 7 or 8 rolls that are the same thickness as a fireplace log. Use heavy duty rubber bands on each end and in the middle to secure them.

Soak the rolls in a bathtub of water until they are thoroughly soaked, and then place them in the hot sun to dry. These logs will burn about as long as purchased wood logs and cost you nothing. Besides, you will do the environment a huge favor by helping to minimize recycled waste.

Digging Deeper

9 Steps to Financial Freedom
by David Kimball

I am going to give you 9 steps to financial freedom. This is family budgeting that works and will help you to prepare for your own coming economic earthquake.

A couple of times a month I volunteer at the local Gospel Mission with my children. Sometimes all four of my children come along but usually two or three at a time. It is a good way to help those in need and to impress upon my children gratefulness for what they have.

One particular night I had my two boys with me and we did the regular routine, showing up at the participating church. Well, low and behold, there serving was a good friend of our family. Unbeknownst to me, my identification badge was hidden under my jacket, so I and my boys appeared to be there with the rest of the guests eating a meal because we were in need.

This proved to be a very valuable misunderstanding.

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A Little Perspective

My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income.
Errol Flynn

Every prudent man dealeth with knowledge: but a fool layeth open his folly. Proverbs 13:6

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Personal Financial Coaching

It is my passion to help families prioritize now to make sure that one parent can stay at home. If diligent, you can be debt-free in 36 months or less without buying insurance, investments or magic software. This is advice you can trust because I do not sell any of these things.

If you are ready for some personalized financial coaching or a speaker at your next event, send me an email or call (209) 622-3299.

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