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Unbeatable top budgeting tools for you?
June 16, 2010
Happy Day to You,

It is a passion of mine to help you and your family save money, get out debt, and live a financially free life ... and typically within a 36 month time frame.

One way I do that is provide you with budgeting tools that work. I have three categories of them. Those that are free, those that cost a bit and those I provide with my personal coaching.

Whichever category you decide to choose from, choose. Take massive action to create for yourself an improved condition.

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Financial Coaching

David Kimball

Money Saving Quick Tip

Identify and Categorize All Expenses
Look at categories and line items, types and timing of expenses, amounts and budget accordingly. Remember categories like miscellaneous, discretionary, maintenance, emergency and others.

These will also provide you with a little more flexibility when you do have to massage your money, budget and cash flow processes to meet need, demands and change.

Digging Deeper

Budgeting Tools
by David Kimball

Budgeting tools are different forms, calculators, and processes to help you spend less than you make and learn how to achieve financial freedom. These money saving techniques are only effective if used properly. Garbage-in-Garbage-out is an old term referring to the uselessness of results when bad data is used.

You cannot expect a calculator or computer's result to have any real meaning if you input unrealistic numbers.

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Financial Freedom Resource Center

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Many eBooks and Podcasts as well as back issues of this newsletter. Let me know if you have forgotten the password that was sent in your welcome email.

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A Little Perspective

"A billion here, a billion there—sooner or later it adds up to real money." Senator Everett Dirksen

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished.. Proverbs 27:12

Personal Financial Coaching

It is my passion to help families prioritize now to make sure that one parent can stay at home. If diligent, you can be debt-free in 36 months or less without buying insurance, investments or magic software. This is advice you can trust because I do not sell any of these things.

If you are ready for some personalized financial coaching or a speaker at your next event, send me an email or call (209) 622-3299.

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