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Budgeting Tips to Saving Money on Heating
October 27, 2009

Good Morning!

Today is a cool 65 degrees and 35 mile an hour winds. Gets me thinking about the coming winter and wanting to be warm inside.

Make sure your house is well-sealed to protect against heat loss in winter. Replace poorly fitting doors and windows with those that are weatherproofed for your area and weather. Check the attic to be sure you are not losing heat. Once again, you can speak to a professional for advice on how to find out where you are losing heat from your house. They will be able to give you little tricks to use. However, they also will try to sell you a service so make sure you get free tips to try first. You might not need those expensive services.

Repair any house leaks. Check with your hardware store for advice on what you can use to stop leaks and how to install it. There are several options including silicone sealers and Fiberglas insulation that you can install yourself.

When you are ready, borrow do-it-yourself books from the library. You do not have to spend money on instructions when you have a well-stocked library handy. You can find many books related to home improvement and repair that you can read to learn how to do some of the easy things, like replacing taps, weatherproofing your house, and many other money-saving tasks.

Do not be afraid to do your own repairs. It might be intimidating at first, but once you do some of the smaller jobs on your own, your confidence will grow and you can gradually take on bigger tasks. Doing your own repairs and upgrades will save you a tremendous amount of money that you could spend hiring professionals to do it for you. Consider that plumbers and electricians are some of the most expensive service providers, charging around $65 or more just to drop by. They will end up charging you more for any supplies they use because they will have included their costs for time and travel to get them from the store.

I trust these tips are helpful. Go ahead and pass this along to someone else you know would like these free tips to save some money. Every little bit helps.

If you have your own tip, please hit reply and let me know.

Take care and have a money saving day!


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