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The Battle for Your Wallet is Winnable!
March 03, 2011

The Battle for Your Wallet

An investor mentor of mine, Jay Peroni, just coined that term and he is definitely worth checking out. Jay is having a free webinar that you need to listen in on. No, I do not make a dime for sending you there. He simply has some good stuff that you can benefit from. Check out his article and tell him I said hello.

And speaking of battles, there are some evil forces after your hard earned dollars: poor spending and saving habits, inflation, and complacency. The lack of the right "weapons" to combat these enemies will constantly keep you on the offensive.

It is time to go on the defense by saving money, getting out of debt, and living financially free. When it is understood that the typical person or family can be free of personal debt within 3 years and a mortgage in 11 years (many times in 8), than it becomes imperative to buckle down and learn how.

If a single mom can do it, so can you! Maybe you need some financial coaching and see for yourself how a personalized plan does work. No gimmicks, just a straight forward system of common sense principles.

Fight the good fight. Go on the offensive and take control of your money before it takes control of you!

Until next time .....

Financial Coach David Kimball

David Kimball

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